Chiquito’s T-Bone Thugs

Being the normal foodies that we are, my boyfriend, Arvin, and I got curious with this new little resto near P. Noval. We’ve noticed that the place is always packed with customers from lunch time until night.


I’ve heard that they have a store in Dapitan but since it’s too far, we tried the resto near P. Noval. Chiquito’s serve cheap Mexican and American food. The T-Bone Thugs was the dish recommended to us by the server.


The meal is worth 99 pesos. It has a cup of rice, buttered corn and carrots plus a generous sized t-bone steak with gravy on top. It was freshly cooked and served on a sizzling plate. The meal comes with a glass of iced tea.

At first glance, you’d fall in love with the meal’s preparation. This doesn’t look cheap at all. Every bite of it tastes like heaven. The gravy made the steak taste so great. You would really finish the meal satisfied. We were not disappointed with this meal recommendation. It was our first time to eat there and we would definitely come back.


You can see here that the small restaurant is full of customers. All tables taken! Now I know why there are so many people eating here.

Here’s their menu in case you want to try it:menu


All words.

Just a pre-game before I start my InAdv prelims. Guess what were going to do!!! Blogging and vlogging!!! I’m pretty confident with blogging but damn, vlogging? Sure, I’m used to being in front of, or behind, a camera but talking straight to it? Nah, fam.

Anyway, I’ve been coping really well lately with EVERYTHING that has happened for a year. This isn’t a deep personal kind of blog but yeah just a gist of *that* everything, I really had a hard time living for like a year or so. But hey, I’m still here; alive, breathing, trying to have the best life I could.

Oh, by the way, I bought a new lens last sunday. I’ll get back to the food blogs pretty soon, or maybe later for my prelim plate. For now, I’ll prepare to head to Manila. Bye!

092615 – Pomodoro Pizza


My boyfriend originally planned to take me to Charlie’s or Nori but we already ate burger at Big B Burgers for lunch, I wasn’t in the mood for Nori and he suddenly craved for pesto. Pomodoro Pizza was the first resto that popped into my mind when he said pesto because Italian-ish food. Pomodoro Pizza was not far from Kapitolyo’s gate, we actually just walked going there.

We both ordered Pesto with Italian Chicken plus a pitcher of their house blend iced tea, which I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of cause we were both too hungry. After the pesto, he ordered a 10″ Casa Speciale (see picture above) and wow, it tastes great. Our bill only reached 516php, very sulit.

I would definitely suggest this little resto to couples who wants to have a different kind of date. The place feels quite intimate despite of being an open, non-airconditioned place. Rating this resto 8/10, I’ll come back soon.


I realized that I’ve been blogging about food lately so I’m trying to make a shift from being a personal blog to a food blog. Well, I’m still undecided and too lazy to make a new blog for food. I also do not want to delete this blog since I regret most of the personal blogs I’ve deleted. So anyway, I’m still thinking of what to do with this; to make it purely a food blog or to be a super mixed blog. But whatever, who reads this blog anyway?

081415 – Ramen Yushoken

A lot of people have been suggesting this ramen place in Alabang to me so I searched about Yushoken online and saw lots of nice reviews and high ratings on this resto.
IMG_0283 IMG_0284 IMG_0286The place is actually small for a highly rated place. It was actually full when we got there around 1pm.

IMG_0287 IMG_0289I ordered Shio Tonkotsu Ramen worth 320 pesos

IMG_0288 IMG_0290And for my boyfriend, the Shoyu Tonkotsu Ramen (350php)


And the normal photo of my boyfriend and I shot by a waiter in Yushoken

This ramen place is cheaper compared to other ramen places. Price is kinda reasonable. Good tasting ramen. Rating this 4.5 on Zomato.

080415 – Hanamaruken, Alabang Town Center

My boyfriend and I tried Hanamaruken for the first time yesterday. I have been craving for ramen for a long time now so we tried to look for a ramen place in ATC. I would like to thank Zomato App for letting me know about this place, lol!
IMG_9982-1IMG_9983-1 IMG_9988-1 IMG_9989-1

The place has nice interiors and perfect lighting for food porn.

Credits to the kuya waiter in Hanamaruken ATC for this nicely shot picture of Arvin and IIMG_9995-1Spare Rib Ramen (P390) – It was served neatly but I was too excited to eat so I somehow disorganized the spare ribs. I also ate the dried seaweed already when I took this picture.

Pot Belly Ramen (P380) – This is Arvin’s ramen. It tastes so good as well.

I would really recommend this resto. Perfect for anyone craving for Ramen and would also be great as a comfort food. The place is perfect for mini get together with friends or a nice date place for foodie couples. I have yet to try their Happiness Ramen so I will definitely come back soon, maybe in a nearer branch.